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Prepsta™, an innovator in social networking-based educational apps, helps students prep for standardized tests in a fun and effective way.  Our mission is to help students learn and achieve their educational goals by developing fun and engaging educational apps using interactive social media platforms.  We are committed to creating entertaining, enriching and collaborative learning experiences that help students achieve higher test scores.

High school students need to prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP exams. They also like to challenge their peers in interactive games that utilize social media. With Prepsta apps, they get the best of both worlds with optional background music.





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Prepsta Vocabulary

Prepsta Vocabulary, the first in our series of educational apps, is designed to take the boredom out of prepping for standardized tests. It features over 1000 of the most common SAT test words to help students increase their vocabulary and writing skills while challenging friends and others to a fun and interactive game.

To jumpstart their test preparation, students can use the free version of Prepsta Vocabulary to access 50 vocabulary words, definitions and usage examples. For more in-depth study and unlimited access to over 1000 of the most commonly featured SAT words, you can purchase Prepsta Vocabulary app for $4.99. Prepsta Vocabulary is available on Facebook, the Apple App Store and Google Play.



With Prepsta Vocabulary, students quickly and easily:

  • Build vocabulary and writing skills to raise their standardized test scores
  • Learn new vocabulary words while playing a fun and addictive game
  • Add fun and excitement to studying by engaging in friendly competition with friends
  • Customize their learning experience using three ways to prep for tests:  Study Mode, Test Mode and Head-to-Head Challenge
  • See how they rank against friends and other users
  • Choose from a variety of music tracks to stay motivated


Test your vocabulary. Try Prepsta Vocabulary and see how Prepsta is changing the game in test prep!


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